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About Fleming Berries

From our family farm to your hands.

Almost two decades have passed since Gosia and Justin Fleming purchased a farm in the green hills of Korumburra. At the time it was just a house surrounded by paddocks, but they had a dream to create what you now know as ‘Fleming Berries.


One of their shared passions is horticulture and they have used all their knowledge and drive to transform this rural property into a thriving berry farm and orchard


Gosia is originally from Poland, where she grew up on a produce and dairy farm. Her interest in farming led her to complete a Masters Degree in Agricultural Sciences and Biochemistry and shortly after she moved to Australia to work in Agronomy. In 2000 she met Justin who was originally from New Zealand where he had spent over 15 years working in market gardens. They were working together and fell in love and were married in 2003. This was when they began their family and planning what is now their ‘family business’.


The three acre farm was planned and planted using the couple’s extensive knowledge and experience and now boasts a wide variety of berries including: autumn and summer raspberries (including black and purple varieties); blueberries; blackberries; boysenberries; loganberries; tayberries; silvanberries; youngberries; red and black currants; and, a small patch of strawberries.


Fleming Berries attend markets across Gippsland and beyond including farmers’ markets, food and wine festivals and many other events. Their homegrown berries and homemade products are always in high demand. Berries are sold fresh in season from December to April and frozen all year round. They also value-add by serving delicious waffles, muffins, cakes, jams, toppings, sorbets, popsicles, smoothies and much much more.


The summer months, especially December and January, are very busy on the farm, because they pick everything themselves. Not having any family in Australia means it gets a bit hectic at times for Gosia and Justin, who also have two school-aged children - Daria and Eryk.


This small berry business is flourishing due to hard work and a consistently high quality product.


Please visit our online shop to try something for yourself or come and say hi at one of our markets and festivals. Gosia, Justin, Eryk, and Daria would all love to meet you!

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