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Berry Popsicles

Berry Popsicles


100% Fruit Popsicles are made from our home grown raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, boysenberries, strawberries.

Dairy free
No artificial colours or flavours
No added artificial sugar
Gluten free
No preservative



    Mixed Berry Popsicle: Mixed berries, honey, water.

    Blackberry Popsicle: Blackberries, coconut, honey, water.

    Blackberry-Coconut Popsicle: Blackberries, honey, water.

    Blueberry Popsicle: Blueberries, honey, water.

    Boysenberry Popsicle: Boysenberries, honey, water.

    Due Popsicle: Mixed berries, mango, banana, honey, water.

    Loganberry Popsicle: Loganberries, honey, water.

    Mango-Coconut Popsicle: Mangos, coconut, honey, water.

    Raspberry Popsicle: Raspberry, honey, water.

    Raspberry-Coconut Popsicle: Raspberry, coconut, honey, water.

    Tayberry Popsicle: Tayberries, honey, water.

    Trio Popsicle: Mixed berries, mangos, bananas, kiwi, honey, water.

    Tropical Popsicle: Mangos, bananas, honey, water.

    Strawberry: Popsicle: Strawberries, honey, water.

    Strawberry-Coconut Popsicle: Stawberries, coconut, honey, water.

    Youngberry Popsicle: Youngberries, honey, water.

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